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About Us

Church of Christ Palabra de Vida is a group of believers passionate for pleasing the heart of God. Our commitment is to help every person have a deep relationship with God. We invite you to join our loving community and that together we get to know more about God. Our goal is for each person to feel welcome, at home, and as part of a family in Jesus Christ. 


Carlos and Karina Hernandez were established as pastors in January 2014 by Pastor Dr. Martin Azurdia of Alpha and Omega Ministries. 

Carlos and Karina have a long history of service in God's work. Carlos worked as musician and main trumpeter of the group “Inspiración” for more than a decade. Karina functioned as a singer on various group projects as well. In 2001, Carlos and Karina moved to the state of New York and for more than 12 years they developed the privileges of Music directors and elders at the Church of Christ Alpha and Omega in Long Island NY. Today Carlos and Karina live in Westchester County along with their two sons Timothy and Nathaniel. Together as a family they serve in God's work. Carlos and Karina's goal and commitment is to raise a congregation for God here in Westchester County that is 100% committed to him. Their aspirations is to impact the world through Christ and his message of salvation.

Carlos y Karina Hernandez


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